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NRCA has partnered with The Review Solution.

NRCA, with their members' best interests in mind, has acknowledged that online reviews can and do impact roofing contractors' bottom line. NRCA's partnership with The Review Solution gives their members the ability to collect honest feedback from their real customers, at the point of service.

The Review Solution is a platform centered on a mobile app that can be downloaded onto any contractor's iOS or Android device. Using this app, the business can collect feedback from satisfied customers when they are the most likely to offer it—onsite, right at the point of service. The Review Solution then facilitates the posting of this customer review onto third-party online review sites, both general and vertical-specific (e.g. Google+, Yelp, HomeAdvisor, Houzz, and Angie's List). Additionally, positive reviews syndicate automatically to Facebook and Twitter.

Some features and benefits of The Review Solution:

  • The app is downloadable to any mobile device of the business, so the business has the ability to present it to your customers at the point of service
  • The platform facilitates the posting of reviews to third-party review sites of the business's choosing, including vertical-specific sites, such as Houzz and HomeAdvisor. Here is a list of review sites we can influence.
  • Positive reviews are automatically synced to Twitter and Facebook
  • Negative reviews are sent to the business, but negative reviewers are not invited to post the review online; this presents the opportunity to save the customer relationship without getting the negative feedback posted online
  • The business owner can get real-time notifications via text and email whenever a review is submitted
  • The business has the ability to collect feedback for individual employees within the company
  • The survey is customizable and expandable
  • The business gets access to a feature-rich backend dashboard, where they can monitor all feedback (including feedback for individual employees) and have access to full customization of the platform.

For a more comprehensive list of The Review Solution's features, please visit our features page.

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